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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ivanov Asen is a Bulgarian dandy. He is known for his refined language and love of leisurely hobbies. His favorite hobby, fox hunting, had ket him interested for many years, that is until he caught the-big-one. Around four years ago on a casual fox hunt, between sartorial blog surfing, Ivanov came across the biggest fox he had ever seen. Its was a majestic thing, larger than a wolf, with a tail that must have taken considerable shampooing and conditioning to keep its lustrous sheen. He cocked his gun, aimed with precision, shot, and brought it down.
Ivanov commissioned a collaboration between the the town's best hat maker and taxidermist. The result (as pictured) is a hat/sculpture that defies gravity. Talk of this hat soon spread through the town, not for its towering majesty,  or gleaming sheen, but rather for the occult affect on its owner. Ivanov could be found walking about at the most ungodly hours. That autumn Ivanov set many trends: blood splattered tote bags, live rodent charm bracelets (customizable), teeth-torn boxer-briefs, piglet espadrilles. In the end he took the trend search too far. Chanel dazzling red lipgloss was no longer red enough for him, so he went to his closest cosmetic store and bit of the proprietors head in order to get the perfect glossy red lip that only fresh blood can achieve.

Images by Sonny Vandevelde - Autumn/Winter 2011
Left to right [Cerruti, A street in Torshavn - Cornell University Library, Galliano, 
Galliano, Kris Van Assche]

Image close-up

Part of the Fake Sartorialist-Sonny Vandevelde collaboration