Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Westwood - Backstage with S.Vandevelde

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Westwood - Backstage with S.Vandevelde

I was lucky enough to meet up with backstage photographer Sonny Vandevelde last Sunday in Milan. He had an extra backstage pass to the Vivienne Westwood show, could I say no? OF COURSE NOT!
The show was fantastic from backstage, I practically got to touch each piece and see the incredible detail in each one, something that is sorely missing in a catwalk flash walk-by. Plus standing right next to Queen V was just ... yes well.

It's no wonder Sonny gets such dynamic photos out of the models. He has a really good connection with them and seems to put them at ease or into manic excitement with a mere expression.

The most fascinating thing about the whole backstage experience was the very 'hands-on' treatment of all the models. They truly become walking-talking-living dolls that are dressed, made up, repositioned, re-applied, tucked in, zipped up, patted down, fluffed up.