Google+ Fake Sartorialist: 4 Images, 1 Hour - Leg Brace

Monday, May 23, 2011

4 Images, 1 Hour - Leg Brace

I have been taking a lot of time creating highly detailed images of late. I really miss those early days of the Fake Sartorialist and the speed creation, on the fly, decisions that I made in images. So in an attempt to stimulate the same kind of response I've created a small challenge for myself.
I give over my library of images that Sonny Vandevelde took during the A/W 2011 shows to a friend. They can then select any four images from the 33646 available. I am then tasked with spending an hour to create a final image.
So I have created the first of the edition. You might need to do a bit of hunting with the source images below to see where I've inserted everything. The video shows the entire 1hr process in 1min.

Images by Sonny Vandevelde - Autumn/Winter 2011
Left to right [Lanvin, Proenza, Isabel Marant, Isabel Marant]